About us

From Women to Women™ is a Canadian initiative that was created to make the lives of millions of women living in this country easier.
Our mission is to build a community that connects women through a trusted, safe, service-oriented, online marketplace, with the purpose of educating and empowering each other. We are passionate about helping newcomers.

Our story


We started this business because complaining was no longer an option.

One day in winter 2017, we found ourselves complaining about the services that we were receiving from some male service providers. Taxi drivers were hitting on us, the plumber was charging more than the regular fee, the electrician returned (and charged!!) three times to fix the same lamp … and so on. We started to procrastinate the services that the house or we needed because we did not want to hire/bring to our home people who did not respect us! The referrals from our friends did not always work well.

At the same time, two enlightening things happened. First, conversations with our female friends who work in male-dominated fields, such as licensed trades, made evident how desirable it would be for them to make a business just with women. They were nicer and the negotiations tended to be fairer. Second, we started to get more involved with the immigrant community and realized how difficult it is for smart, trained, newcomer women to find a job that matches their skills.

We have heard the same stories from our friends again and again, and the most shocking part is the common feeling of vulnerability and disempowerment, independently of our knowledge or income.

When we were going to complain again about the service of a cab driver, Luz Maria said: “why don’t create an initiative to connect women to hire and deliver services from each other?” Maryrossie quickly got onboard, and here we are.

FW2Women™ is ready to prove that women, or others who identify as women, can use their professional and life skills to provide high-quality services. Together we can empower women!

Join us!

Luz Maria De Regil & Maryrossie Vergara


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