FW2Women TM Levels

The From Women to Women TM platform provides you with an opportunity to turn your life-skills and knowledge into a permanent source of income. Invest in self-promotion, keep your customers satisfied, perform quality service, and you’ll be awarded with higher statuses which will open up a whole new door and opportunity for higher earnings.


Level 1

You've completed 10 transactions within the past 30 days, and you've kept your customers happy with a reputation of 90% or higher. Congratulations, you've just earned yourself a level 1 status!

Level 2

After three months of diligent work, and 50 transactions like any true master of her trade, you've kept your overall reputation at 90% or higher. Keep up the good work and it will only get better from here!

Top Rated Seller - Star

Welcome to From Women to Women Elite! You've worked hard and earned the highest status. You reached 50 transactions with 5 stars. For you, From Women to Women has already become a serious source of income and and a full time job. Work, earn, and enjoy!

FW2Women TM Commission fees

Posting a service on From Women to Women TM is 100% free. We keep a percentage from each successfully completed transaction. We value your loyalty and have a responsive commission scheme. The fee varies depending on the total value of the transaction and/or your status/level as a service provider.

Commissions per level

Percent per level
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Commission for values: 0.00 CAD - 200.00 CAD
Level 016%
Level 115%
Level 214%
Level 313%
Commission for values: 200.00 CAD - 500.00 CAD
Level 015%
Level 114%
Level 213%
Level 312%
Commission for values: 500.00 CAD - 1,000.00 CAD
Level 014%
Level 113%
Level 212%
Level 311%
Commission for values: 1,000.00 CAD +
Level 013%
Level 112%
Level 211%
Level 310%