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From Women to Women Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy of From Women to Women Ltd. (“FW2Women”) to protect and respect the privacy of personal information of individuals who directly use or visit our website and platform (“Site”) and/or who receive or inquire about our other goods and services. This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date of being posted to the Site, or dates on which it is revised and reposted to the Site. Each version of the Privacy Policy supersedes all prior versions. FW2Women™ reserves the right to change the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time without giving prior notice to visitors and users of the Site and its other goods and services.

For the information of international users and visitors to the Site, the operation of the Site and the marketplace it hosts are based in Canada and governed primarily by the laws of Canada (including federal and provincial laws). These laws of Canada respecting the privacy of personal information have been assessed by some international authorities, such as the European Commission, as providing adequate protection to the rights of individuals with respect to personal information/data. Should You have questions about this Privacy Policy as it relates to the management of personal information with reference to the laws of your place of residence outside of Canada please contact FW2Women™ prior to accepting this Privacy Policy and continuing to use the Site.  



Please read the Privacy Policy in its entirety, indicate your acceptance of its terms and periodically check back for updates.  By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, You are agreeing to the way in which FW2Women collects, processes and uses your personal information. You are also undertaking certain obligations with respect to doing your part to ensure the good management of your personal information and the ability of FW2Women™ to properly manage the personal information of the FW2WOMEN™ community using and visiting the Site.

Each time You return to use the Site after an update to the Privacy Policy has been made, You will be presented with a notice that the terms have been updated and asked to renew your acceptance of the terms as amended. We may also contact You directly to advise You that the Privacy Policy has been updated and invite You to review and accept the amended terms at that time. You may opt of this Privacy Policy at any time by giving written notice to FW2Women™ of your desire to do so using the contact information provided at the end of this Privacy Policy.

FW2Women™ will make all reasonable efforts to make this Privacy Policy easy to understand so that You are informed about how we use your personal information. This Privacy Policy, like our Terms of Service, is an integral part of using our Site and other goods and services. Therefore, You must completely agree to all of the terms of our Privacy Policy in order to use FW2Women’s Site, or other goods and services. If You are under 18, or otherwise under the legal age for entering into binding legal contracts to request or deliver goods and services, please stop using FW2Women’s Site and other goods and services immediately.



FW2Women collects a variety of personal information including information You give, information that is automatically collected when You engage with FW2Women and information received from third parties who engage with FW2Women. This information may be collected directly by FW2women, or on its behalf working with credible third-party service providers who take the privacy of your personal information seriously and represent that they comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the management of your personal information.


2.1. Information You Give

This type of personal information is what You give to be able to use the Site and gain access to FW2Women goods and services, including:

  • Account and profile information
  • Identity Verification information
  • Payment information
  • Content to support your communications and engagement with FW2Women and others in the FW2WOMEN™ community


2.1.1 Information for FW2Women to Operate the Site

FW2Women may collect your name, date of birth, email, address, telephone number, other contact information (such as a personal photo), as well as information about your customer and consumer preferences in order to facilitate your use of the Site and deliver to You other goods and services. We use this information on a longer-term basis and update it from time to time until You indicate to us in writing that You wish to close your account or delete your profile. If You make such a request, we only maintain an archived copy of the personal information necessary for FW2Women to meet its legal and regulatory obligations, as well as exercise and safeguard its legal rights and other legitimate interests.


2.1.2. Information You Provide to Use the FW2WOMEN  Marketplace Hosted on the Site

For users of the Site who wish to post their offerings or make requests for goods and services we also ask for additional information such as government issued identification and proof of permits, licenses, professional designations and the like. This information is used to verify your identity and qualifications as a provider registered on the Site, for the benefit of other users. We maintain this additional information only for as long as needed to verify and notify users of the Site that such verification has been received. This information is then removed from FW2Women’s systems and information storage mechanisms.

When providing payment or financial details, such as credit card and bank account information through the Site, this information is funneled directly to and from Paypal or other third-party payment systems and providers. Other than maintaining a record of fees or commissions charged by FW2Women to You as a service provider in the FW2WOMEN™ marketplace and summary information about the transactions you have had with other users of the Site for your bookkeeping purposes, FW2Women does not store your financial information in its information storage systems.


2.1.3. Information You Choose to Share with the FW2WOMEN  Community

You are able to voluntarily post or exchange with other users of the Site information that may be personal information to You, such as information regarding your personal characteristics (e.g. gender), personal history, health, competencies, disabilities, activities, and personal preferences for engaging with FW2Women and the FW2WOMEN™ community.

For the purposes of facilitating your use of the Site, FW2Women reserves the right not to keep a record of all personal information You may provide for FW2Women to engage with You directly. FW2Women does not take any responsibility for any information You make “public” or otherwise available for other users of the Site to see, but the Site does provide mechanisms for to You to delete or edit such information. Similarly, You agree that FW2Women is not responsible for any information You exchange privately with other users through the Site, other than to provide private channels for communication between users and make available copies of information exchanged in these channels, for a limited period of time, generally up to one year.


2.2 Information Automatically Collected When You Use the Site

Personal Information automatically collected relates to your use of the Site for FW2Women to serve You better, address service disruptions and meet legal obligations. This can include geo-location and usage information, log data and device information, and payment transaction information, as communicated by our payment processing partners (i.e. third party service providers). To the extent this information is used to compile data and analytics regarding the Site, the information is either anonymous technical information, or your information is otherwise anonymized for these purposes, as further set out in this Privacy Policy.

The FW2Women Site uses Google Maps/Earth services and this use is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy set by Google Inc.

“Cookies” and similar technologies in use through the Site are used to track and collect such information and additional information regarding FW2Women’s use of “cookies” is provided in this Privacy Policy. You can disable “cookies” through your web browser settings, and also communicate to us that You do not wish to have your behavior tracked.


2.3. Information FW2Women Received from Third Parties

FW2Women may delegate the collection of personal information to third party service providers. We endeavour to select third-party service providers who are subject to the laws of Canada or other jurisdictions that have achieved the recognition or approval of official bodies who assess the adequacy of information/data protection in such other jurisdictions (e.g. European Commission recognition and participation in the US-EU Privacy Shield).

Such third parties, while under the limited direction of FW2Women are independent businesses and organizations with their own privacy policies, which we encourage You to review. You agree that FW2Women is not responsible for how such third parties apply their policies and actually perform their legal obligations to safeguard, handle and otherwise manage your personal information.

When third parties not under the direction of FW2Women provide us with personal information about You or when information is provided by another user of the Site, FW2Women has no control over their choice or decision to do so. You agree that FW2Women is not responsible for the personal information disclosed on the Site, or to Fw2Women by third parties that do not have a mandate from FW2Women to do so.

All inquiries regarding how third parties do or have managed your personal information should be directed to such third parties.



There are a number of reasons why FW2Women collects your personal information.


3.1. Collection for Business Operation Purposes

FW2Women uses the personal information we collect from You to facilitate your use of our Site, and other goods and services, and to contact You from time to time, including, for example, to:

  • provide our goods and services to You and keep our records up to date for this purpose;
  • maintain a safe and respectful online Site environment;
  • respond to your inquiries and solicit your feedback about the Site, and other goods and services;
  • facilitate postings to the Site and process transactions;
  • register an account for You to use the Site and other goods and services; and
  • enhance and improve your experience by communicating to You information about FW2Women, the Site, other goods and services and about FW2Women’s partners.


3.2 Collection for Legal Purposes

FW2Women may also collect and use personal information for other purposes where it has a legal duty or right to do so. For example, FW2Women may be required to provide personal information when compelled by a court order. While FW2Women may in its discretion take steps to notify You of such circumstances or take steps to try and prevent such a disclosure from materializing, You agree that FW2Women is under no obligation to do so and will not be held responsible or liable for any impact such disclosures may have on You.

FW2Women may otherwise have the right to use personal information to facilitate legal investigations and take steps to address situations where an individual has contravened our Terms of Use, acted unlawfully in some manner with regard to its engagement with the Site or FW2Women, or where we have a good faith belief that a third party is at risk of bodily harm. FW2Women also makes available copies of private communications between users through the Site for the purposes of supporting user record keeping.

FW2Women does not use personal information for any other purposes, unless it has the consent of the individual to whom it relates.



FW2Women may collect personal information from You in person, by way of telephone, e-mail, fax or regular mail. You can opt-out of receiving such communications by contacting FW2Women at the address and other contact information below.   

FW2Women seeks and obtains your explicit or implied consent to collect your personal information.  Generally, this means that FW2Women collects personal information directly from the individual (user of its Site) to whom it relates, however, when You elect to inquire about, research, use the Site and otherwise receive FW2Women’s other goods and services You are providing implied consent for FW2Women to collect certain personal information and engage with You using such personal information. Occasionally, FW2Women may collect personal information from third party service providers, but only with your knowledge and consent, as set out in this Privacy Policy, or when such collection is otherwise authorized by law.

Visitors to the Site should also be aware that anonymous technical information may be collected by FW2Women as a result of a visit to the FW2Women Site.  For example, this information may include the visitor’s IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, access times, referring website addresses, internet service provider and like information.  FW2Women uses this anonymous technical information for purposes such as diagnosing problems with FW2Women technical systems and servers, improving the operation and content of the FW2Women Site and compiling aggregate and statistical information. Such information, cannot generally be used to identify You in the absence of it being combined with other information, that once combined can be linked to You.

FW2Women will not attempt to link or match such anonymous technical information with any personally-identifiable information unless:

  • FW2Women has your explicit and specific consent to do so;
  • FW2Women (or its service providers) have detected or reasonably suspect any unlawful use of FW2Women services or a security breach of personal, confidential or proprietary information; or
  • FW2Women has another legal duty or right to do so.

FW2Women may use “cookies” in connection with the Site. “Cookies” are small text files placed on your computer that can collect and store a variety of information. Permanent cookies are stored indefinitely on a user’s hard drive unless manually deleted, while temporary cookies are automatically deleted from the user’s browser upon logging out of a website. Web browsers typically allow users to disable permanent and/or temporary cookies, however, if enabled we cannot guarantee that the “cookies” we use are not accessible by third parties.



FW2Women only discloses personal information as reasonably required to facilitate the authorized purposes listed in this Privacy Policy.


5.1. Third Party Service Providers

FW2Women does not rent, sell or trade customer lists. FW2Women does not directly share your personal information collected through the Site or otherwise with unaffiliated third parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent. We may, however, provide personal information to third party contractors and other third parties who assist FW2Women to maintain the Site and provide You with other goods and services (i.e. third party service providers). Accordingly, any permissions You grant FW2Women with respect to your personal information under this policy are permissions You are necessarily granting to our contractors and service providers so that they can perform their duties to FW2Women. As independent contractors and businesses, such third parties are in control of their own operations and while FW2Women may request that they ensure proper steps are taken to manage the privacy of your personal information, FW2Women does not have the ability to directly intervene in their processes and systems for doing so.  Accordingly, You agree not to hold FW2Women liable or responsible for the actions of its third party service providers which FW2Women must necessarily interact with in regards to the collection and handling of your personal information.

Similarly, You acknowledge and understand that FW2Women does not screen, monitor or evaluate the content, or policies of third party websites or platforms. You also acknowledge and understand that FW2Women has no control over the collection and handling of personal information collected through third-party websites or platforms, such as social media, even if navigational links to such other websites and platforms are provided on the FW2Women Site. When navigating to third-party websites or platforms You agree that You alone are responsible for reviewing, accepting and abiding by the content, terms of use and policies of third party websites and platforms.


5.2. Your Responsibilities for the Management of Your Personal Information

You agree that You at all times have the control and responsibility for the choices You make to provide your personal information to FW2Women and others in order to receive goods and services.

Please note that your personal preferences may be stored in web browser caches and/or elsewhere in your personal devices. You at all times agree to take full responsibility for any personal information stored in web browser caches or in your devices.  

FW2Women does not routinely monitor or moderate content expressed in online channels it controls, whether public or private and You acknowledge and agree that it has no obligation to so unless mandated by law. FW2Women may provide if it chooses to do so, guidelines for respectful and constructive communication to foster greater awareness among users of the Site and other goods and services.

If You express online, through the Site, or third party websites and platforms personal information and/or personally attributable commentary, exercise care and caution to ensure the information You express is not discriminatory, defamatory, negligent, infringing or misappropriating the rights of others. You agree that it is your responsibility to inform yourself and act in accordance with the privacy policies, terms of use and other conditions set by the third parties for the use of their websites and platforms



You can deny or withdraw your consent to FW2Women’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time by providing reasonable written notice. Please note, however, that by opting out of this Privacy Policy not all of your personal information is completely erased from FW2W’s records unless required by operation of law. FW2Women retains certain legal rights to maintain and use some or all of the personal information You have provided, as set out in this Privacy Policy and You agree that all past collection, use and disclosure of your personal information made with your consent (explicit or implied) were lawfully made.

Please be aware that if You edit or delete some information from your account, this does not necessarily result in an opt-out of this Privacy Policy or FW2W’s personal information collection practices.  Please also be aware that if You deny or withdraw your consent for FW2Women to collect and use of your personal information for certain applications or purposes, FW2Women may not be able to provide You with certain goods or services.

In some cases, You may also have the right to have your personal information removed (erased) from FW2Women’s systems and information storage mechanisms subject to any legitimate legal basis for the continued processing of your personal information. Accordingly, to the extent allowed by law, FW2Women, reserves its rights to maintain a secured, archived copy of personal information for the purposes of meeting its legal and regulatory obligations, as well as legally exercising and safeguarding its legitimate interests.



FW2Women has in place reasonable policies, procedures and safeguards (including administrative, physical, technological and organizational measures) designed to protect the security of personal information under its control. For example, SSL certificates and vulnerability scanning are used to ensure the security of the Site.

FW2Women recommends You use anti-virus software, firewalls, make routine credit checks, and take other precautions on a regular basis to review and apply personal information security measures with regard to the use of your devices. This includes, among other things, reviewing and informing yourself about the security measures of third party websites and platforms to help assure the proper collection and handling of your personal information.

You acknowledge and accept that FW2Women’s security measures for the Site do not extend to, or affect the security of third party websites and platforms, including without limitation, the websites, and platforms of other users of the Site. You further accept that despite the commercially reasonable steps FW2Women takes to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, its systems and information storage mechanisms are not immune from being hacked or other security breaches. Accordingly, You agree not to hold FW2Women responsible for security breaches of personal information which occur through third-party actions, websites or platforms.



FW2Women will store personal information via a secure file manager hosted in Canada. FW2Women, cannot, however, guarantee that your information will not be transmitted into, or through other jurisdictions, or otherwise be at risk of interception over the internet. Moreover, as a result of having no control over the information technology systems of service providers You and FW2Women use to communicate information over the internet, there is also the possibility that your information may be transferred to and maintained on information technology systems outside of your province (state) and country to a jurisdiction where privacy laws are less protective of your personal information. By accepting this Privacy Policy You agree to such transfer of your personal information if and when they occur and will not hold FW2Women responsible or liable for the risks or potential damages You may suffer as a result of these circumstances.



FW2Women will provide You with access to your personal information that it holds upon receiving your written request and in accordance with applicable laws. Generally, there is no cost for such access; however, FW2Women reserves the right to charge such costs on a case by case basis in accordance with applicable laws to cover its reasonably incurred expenses to comply with such requests. You will be notified in advance if such charges could apply in conjunction with a request You make for a copy of your personal information held by FW2Women.

FW2Women may contact You from time to time to confirm personal information it has and will correct or amend the personal information in its files where it can be shown that the information is incorrect or incomplete.  


10. CONTACT FW2Women

For further information about FW2Women privacy practices, to make a request for access to personal information, or any other matter relating to the management of your personal information please contact us at:


From Women to Women Ltd.